Training Videos

Procedural Motions

In an effort to provide better resources for our delegates, SRMUN has created several training videos on important procedural questions.

Each video shows the proper way that certain procedural motions should be made, as well as provide information on how they are used and the necessary votes in order to pass.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the Executive Staff or your committee staff.

Formal Debate:

Roll Call
Setting the Agenda
Setting the Speaker's Time
Closing the Speaker's List
Speaking During Formal Session
Suspension of the Meeting
Working Papers: Submission Process to Draft Resolutions

Voting Procedure:

Amendments and Modifications
Exhausting the Speaker's List
Closure of Debate
Conduct & Protocol During Voting Procedure
Division of the Question
Placard Vote

Formal Debate Videos:

Voting Procedure Videos: