Each year, SRMUN recognizes exceptional delegations with both Position Paper and Conference Awards using criteria set by the SRMUN Board of Directors.

Position Paper Awards

Before the conference, delegates use the SRMUN website to submit position papers for each committee in which their assigned nation is represented.
These two-page position papers are graded by our volunteer committee staff using a standard rubric. Once all on-time papers are graded, delegation scores are calculated.
From these delegation scores, the highest scoring delegations recieve an award.
All delegations receive a feedback sheet explaining how they scored in several metrics.
Late papers will be graded if possible but any late or missing position papers will make that entire delegation inelligible for awards.
An example feedback sheet is avilable here: Example Score Sheet.
Position paper evaluations and awards are typically distributed to faculty at the Friday morning faculty meeting with the Board and later in Conference Services.

Conference Awards

During the conference, our volunteer committee staff nominate exceptional delegate performance in each committee during each committee session. The following criteria are used to determine the merit of each delegation:

These nominations are tallied by the SRMUN Board. Final scores are calculated as follows:
The number of committees in which each delegation (country) is represented is multiplied by the number of committee sessions (usually 6). This is the maximum theoretical score each delegation may achieve*.
For example, if the delegation for China is represented in 7 committees, their maximum theoretical score is 7 * 6 = 42.
The actual number of times throughout all six committee sessions that a delegation is nominated is then divided by this number to arrive at a fractional score.
In our example, assume China was nominated 38 times throughout the conference. The delegation for China will receive a fractional score of 38 / 42 = 0.90476.
At the end of the conference, all delegations are ranked in descending order by their fractional score. Fractional scores are not reported.
The highest-scoring delegations receive an Outstanding Award, followed by Distinguished and Honorable Mention. The total number of awards given at closing ceremonies will vary from one year to another, depending on the number of delegations in attendance. Not all delegations will receive an award.
* Delegates serving as Chair and Rapporteur are also eligible for awards nominations for each committee session. Their nominations are added to their original delegation's scoring.