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Delegate FAQs

What to Know Before Conference

Where are SRMUN's conferences located?
SRMUN hosts its fall conference at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, and its spring conference at the Omni Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both hotels are in prime locations of their respective cities and offers delegates and guests quick access to key city spots.

When are the conferences usually hosted?
The annual Atlanta conference is generally held during the weekend before Thanksgiving in November, and the Charlotte conference occurs during the last weekend of March.

We’re new to the SRMUN scene, how do we know what Member State(s) are still available for assignment?
The Member State matrix can be found on the top menu of either Atlanta and Charlotte and there you will see the Member States in total being offered for the upcoming conference. Further, those highlighted in yellow are previously assigned to other Colleges/Universities.

How is my College/University's Member State(s) assigned?
The Secretary-General assigns Member States based upon preferences listed within your registration confirmation and the size of each delegation(s). Be aware that Colleges/Universities may not represent two Member States that are within the Security Council. Member State assignments, however, will not be officially released until the non-refundable $150 registration fee is received and processed by the Executive Director of SRMUN, Inc. The Secretary-General will assign your Member State(s) via email confirmation.

We just registered for SRMUN - how long does it take to receive an email regarding our potential Member State assignment(s)?
The normal processing time should take no longer than three business days for correspondence with your Member State assignment(s).

How many delegates am I allowed per delegation?
There is a minimum and a maximum number of delegates required for each Member State at our SRMUN conferences. Once the Secretary-General assigns your Member State(s), you must confirm your Member State allocation(s), which also represents your commitment to bring at least the minimum number of delegates required. The minimum number of delegates is defined as the number of delegates necessary in order to have at least one representative for the Member State present in each required committee.

How do I know the minimum and maximum number of delegates required for certain Member States?
You may double-check the minimum and maximum number of delegates by referring to the Member State matrix found on the top menu of either Atlanta and Charlotte web pages or e-mail the respective Secretary-General.

I want to increase/decrease our delegation size - how do I go about doing this?
Simple, email the Secretary-General of the conference with your revised total delegate count and an updated list of the Member State(s) you now wish to represent.

We have just received our Member State assignment(s) email and notice that we did not receive our first choice. Could you give a little insight to how this may have occurred?
We do apologize that you did not receive the assignment that you first requested in your lineup, but we want to reassure you that when offering assignments we do so on a first-serve, first-come basis.

We were really looking forward to representing a certain Member State but notice it is not being offered at the coming conference. Could you explain as to how this may have occurred?
When compiling our Member State matrix, we look at the Member States that are present in each committee and review this alongside the committees being offered. This extensive review of our matrix unfortunately does not allow for each Member State to be present in each committee.

We have recently been assigned with Member State(s) for the conference. How do we know what committees we are in?
The Member State matrix, found on the top menu of either Atlanta and Charlotte, lineates the Member State itself as well as the committees that your delegation will be simulating within. These are also the same committees to which you are responsible for Position Papers.

We have been assigned our Member State(s) and are aware of what committees we are responsible for but do you assign our delegates to their committees?
No, the assignment inter-delegation is of your choosing. Please be cognizant of the committees that may be single delegation only.

We noticed that SRMUN’s Security Council seats do not match the actual UN Security Council - why is this?
When compiling our Member State matrix, we base it on the Security Council at that present time, and to avoid confusion in Member State assignments we hold that same Security Council availability to the conference itself.

What are the costs associated with attending SRMUN?
The fees associated with SRMUN include the $150 non-refundable College/University fee and the individual delegate fees. Our individual delegate fees are priced at $80 if paid at our early rate, otherwise the late fee is an additional $10 per delegate, equaling then to $90. These costs do not include travel or lodging fees.

I see you did not mention a fee for a faculty advisor - am I missing something?
Nope, you are not missing a thing - there is no fee for a faculty advisor’s attendance.

Can we attend your conference without a faculty advisor for our delegation?

Are any meals included in the cost of the registration?
Unfortunately, the cost of fees do not include conference-provided meals.

Likewise, does the cost of registration cover any expenses for lodging or transportation?
No, the fees associated with SRMUN do not cover any additional expenses. However, SRMUN has negotiated with the hotels a special rate for all of its attendees where the conference is being held.

We had a change in student contact or faculty advisor. Who do we contact to update this?
Contact the Secretary-General directly and he/she will update our records accordingly.

Is SRMUN open to graduate and law students?
Yes! SRMUN welcomes any undergraduate, graduate, and law students to our conferences.

Is SRMUN affiliated with any College/University?
No, SRMUN is an independent nonprofit organization with no affiliation to any College/University.

We are a high school Model United Nations team - are we able to attend the conference?
Unfortunately, SRMUN is a collegiate conference and does not allow the attendance of high school students to its conference.

We are an international Model United Nations team - do you offer any assistance in order for us to attend your conference?
Due to extreme difficulties obtaining visas for the purpose of attending our conference, it is SRMUN’s policy to not accept registrations from international schools in countries from which the United States requires travel visas. For further information please visit us here.

I am interested in attending SRMUN as a single delegate from my College/University. Am I able to do so?
Yes, you are able to attend the conference as a single delegate.

Our delegation is having issues with funding and truly want to attend SRMUN - do you offer any financial assistance?
If you have issues with attendance due to financial constraints, please contact the Secretary-General to see if we may be able to assist your delegation.

How are the committees, theme, and topics chosen for the conference(s)?
The conference theme, committees, and topics are chosen after thorough discussion and deliberation between our conference staff and Board of Directors. We do our very best here at SRMUN to ensure both a challenging and stimulating debate for our delegates.

What is your policy on plagiarism?
SRMUN, Inc., encourages unique and exceptional dialogue among our participants through the free flow of ideas and conversations with the expectation that all written and spoken words be original thought. All materials, including but not limited to position papers, speeches, and working papers/draft resolutions are subject to a zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism or the unaccredited use of another’s words. Any delegate found in violation of this stated policy will receive no credit for the entirety of their work, including receiving a score of zero for position papers found to include words that are not cited and/or properly credited to the original author.

I need a refresher on how to write my Position Paper. Help!
We want your SRMUN experience to be the best and have a series of Delegate Preparation materials ready including Position Paper guidelines, Draft Resolution and Report Writing guidelines, research links, and more.

How do I submit Position Papers?
Approximately one week prior to the Position Papers deadline, the Position Paper Upload web page will be accessible. One position paper should be uploaded for each committee in which your assigned Member State is represented. Once you successfully submit your Position Paper, an email confirmation, per committee, will be sent. Please save that confirmation email for your records. If you experience problems, please contact

I missed the Position Paper submission deadline, what happens if I still submit it?
You may still submit Position Papers after the designated deadline. While our volunteer staff will still review and grade your Position Papers, it will not be eligible for Position Paper Awards.

Where can I find the Position Paper Deadline?
The Position Paper deadline will be listed on the face of the conference’s website. Also, if not posted there, then it will be listed within the Background Guide of each committee.

What to Know At Conference

What is the dress-code for the conference(s)?
The standard delegate attire at SRMUN is considered to be western-business attire, which includes a business jacket, slacks (or skirts or a dress for women), dress shirt (with tie for men), and dress shoes. Shirts that expose excessive bare skin on the chest, stomach, or are otherwise revealing are inappropriate. Clothes that reveal undergarments are also inappropriate. Men’s facial hair should be shaved or neatly trimmed.

I’m really excited to represent my Member State, that being said, am I allowed to wear traditional garb or a pin to reflect and honor my Member State?
We admire your commitment to your assigned Member State, but unfortunately SRMUN does prohibit the use of cultural dress as it may be an attempt to mock traditional cultural attire or abuse it as costume. However, cultural dress is only permitted for international delegates, in whose native country’s professional business dress includes traditional cultural dress. These delegates are the only individuals to whom this applies. Any delegate attempting to use cultural costume to portray a “character” will be asked to leave their committee and change into clothing that is more appropriate. Lastly, the only acceptable symbol or pin for delegates to wear during the course of the conference are that of the UN symbol or the SRMUN pin which can be purchased at Conference Services.

What is your policy on pre-written resolutions?
SRMUN does not allow for pre-written resolutions, as a pre-written resolution does not allow for collaboration, negotiation, consensus, and all of that is done during the committee sessions. To this extent, if a pre-written resolution is written, it will not be accepted by your committee dias.

What is the official language of the conference?
English is the only official and working language of the conference, and its committees, at all times.

I know the conference schedule is not yet finalized but, generally speaking, what time does the conference begin?
Generally speaking for both Atlanta and Charlotte, the conferences itself do not begin until 5 p.m. on the Thursday of conference, however, registration opens at 12 p.m.

Similarly speaking, when does the conference typically end on Saturday evening?
The conference ends at the close of closing ceremonies, which is traditionally held from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Can I use my laptop during speeches?

Sorry delegate, laptops are not allowed to be used during any part of formal debate which includes but does not limit speeches, motions, announcements, voting, and roll calls.

Since you did not mention tablets, does that mean I can use those during formal debate?

Nope, those are not allowed either, but good job paying attention. While we are on the subject, let us just clarify that no electronic devices are allowed during formal debate, including cell phones.

I’m finally at the conference. Any advice on where I can find information on a specific issue? I just heard something called “sovereignty” and I am lost.

You have two options available. The first is Home Government, where faculty advisors of attending college/universities are great resources that will answer questions to all delegates. The second is Conference Services, where you can research on the computers for free.

It is really cold in this room, but I was told I cannot make a point of personal privilege to the chair in order to change that. What would be the best way to address it?

The way to address any items that involve temperatures, water, other delegate behavior, general questions, etc. is to either (1) send a note to the dais or (2) approach the committee director during a suspension of the meeting. This will ensure that your questions or concerns are addressed and answered quickly without distracting the entire body.

Does SRMUN entertain Moderated Caucuses?
Yes we do! The SRMUN Rule of Procedure allows Suspension of the Meeting for either Moderated Caucus and Unmoderated Caucus. For more details about Suspension of the Meeting, you may watch our training videos!

I hear SRMUN delegates have every room in the hotel booked so it’s totally cool to be loud in the hallways and our rooms late at night.

Not cool delegate! Even though SRMUN is the largest event in the hotel this weekend, there are still many guests who are not part of the conference. The hotels are located in prime Charlotte and Atlanta areas and are completely booked, not just with SRMUN, but with many other professionals in the city with early workdays. Let’s respect these guests who are not cool enough to be at SRMUN. We understand you will still have energy after conference hours and want to caucus or work. In our Charlotte Hotel, the lobby is a prime area to use, while the ENTIRE Capitol and Georgia Hall PreFunction area on Level One at our Atlanta hotel are available to us for the weekend, feel free to use it! Same policies are in place for our delegates staying at our amazing overflow Courtyard Marriott hotel in Charlotte.

I am a double-delegation, do we both have to be present during formal debate?

No, but at least one delegate from your delegation should be present during formal debate. You don’t want to miss anything important!

Can we leave our laptop and garbage in the conference rooms between sessions?

NO, do not leave your valuables in the committee room during breaks. SRMUN and the hotel are not responsible for any lost or stolen goods. Also, please be cordial to the hotel staff by cleaning up after yourselves, they would be extremely appreciative of this.

Why can’t we have Wi-Fi in every square foot in the hotel?

Unfortunately, due to the enormous cost, Wi-Fi in the conference rooms is not available. Meanwhile, there is free Wi-Fi in the lobby area and please check with the hotel website for guest/loyalty rewards programs.

I have been in committee all day but am on a roll on my working paper. Where can I grab a quick bite to eat and get right back to work?

SRMUN knows a fed delegate is a happy delegate. This is why we want our delegates to be fully nourished during and out of committee sessions.

Charlotte: This is one of the main reasons we selected the Omni Hotel for our official home in Charlotte. Located downstairs in the Overstreet Mall and across the skywalk are numerous and inexpensive eateries which work for a student budget. In this same area, you will find the skywalk that leads you to the Epicentre, where you will find numerous other local food options.

Atlanta: The prime location of the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel (have you seen this place?!) has a ton of surrounding restaurants where you can grab and go! Locations such as the Peachtree Center, just a couple streets away from the hotel, is home to several food options.

Where is the SRMUN Delegate Social, why aren’t we having one?

With the prime Charlotte and Atlanta hotel locations, we wanted to give delegates the chance to explore the city and choose a place of their own to dance the night away. If you are lucky, you may even see some familiar staff faces out around town!

Where can I get one of those awesome t-shirts that I see staff wearing?

Conference Services and we accept all forms of payment!

I’m a graduating senior and this is my last SRMUN. I am heartbroken but I hear being a staff member seems just about the best opportunity, EVER! How do I get involved?
Great question, delegate! Announcements will be made throughout the conference on where to hand in applications. Applications will be available at your dais’ table. In addition, the application can be filled out online! We encourage you to ask staff members about their experience. We guarantee it will change your life!

I’m thinking about applying for staff, what are some added benefits besides a great resume builder?
We’re glad you asked as staffing at SRMUN is a unique experience unlike any other! We say this as not only are we focused on professional development of our staff but we also truly become a SRMUN Family. SRMUN's volunteer positions will enhance your professional attributes and network with fellow staffers with similar or diverse fields.